Stories & Experiences


Author’s Foreword,

Before we dive into fun parts there’s a couple of words I would like to share with all of my readers.

I wouldn’t be a good story teller if some of the details weren’t juiced up for the sake of drama. There is saying where I live that goes “No story is worth telling if it’s not exaggerated a little bit.” In that regard I wish to clarify that I do add some juiciness wherever I find it fitting, but do not be mistaken that I’m writing fiction here. Quiet the opposite. All my stories are very much true and to it’s details as well. Those details that I do exaggerated are always a enhancement of what really happened just to increase the impact of a point or conclusion in the story.

I’m not sure how many stories I’ll have at the end of the ride, because I’m also very critical of what I find worthy to share and what not. The things you’ll read are pretty much the stories that ended up all pretty well and that I would enjoy sharing with my readers. I’ve wondered often what stories I’ll share, and which ones I won’t. Because not each story I’ve got might be interesting for an audience.

One other and final word I would like to share is about the content of my stories, and in the same light my own rule of conduct. I’m an nudist in heart and that means I enjoy showing my every naked bit off, but one thing I never and will never engage in is public masturbation. There is something about public masturbation that in my personal codex is flagged as not done, it is a line I never cross.

The reason why I write this is that when it comes down to male public nudity, the internet gives us a very one sided picture of men just wanking one out in front of women. It is a type of behavior I would not want to be associated with.

Now with all this being said and done, I wish you all a very happy reading. Please feel free to comment wherever you want.

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