Vancouver – Day 7


I had arrived at Vancouver the other day, and because of it’s extreme wet weather I didn’t do much besides visiting a pub and go to bed.

I woke up around 5AM again, way too early to my liking but that’s what you get with jet lag. I had just grown accustomed to the East Coast time, since for my body this was already 8AM. One of the things I did to pass some time was that I took my laptop and looked up if there was a pool, and mainly what I could expect there. The hotel had a pool and—so I learned from the pictures I dug up—one of its perks was that its walls and ceiling was for half of it made out of glass. This picked my interest greatly so I decided to set out.

Dressed only in my bathrobe and with towel and swimsuit in hand I arrived down at the floor level of the pool and followed the signs. There was a particular reason why I hadn’t put on my suit just yet, it was simply because the day before I had to pack my suit wet in my luggage, meaning it was still wet when I retrieved it. If there is one thing I absolutely hate, it is putting on a wet swimsuit on dry skin.

The pool was completely deserted and it was strangely quiet. It made me wonder for a second there if perhaps the pool was closed, then again, I could enter so what does it matter even it was. With a grin on my face, I strolled casually around the area, taking up the lay-out in me. The layout of the pool floor led me past the showers and locker rooms, giving the fact there was no communal shower in the pool area itself it meant I’ll have to use that one if I wanted to rinse off. The chairs around the pool were still scattered in disarray, pretty much like what I assume the pool guests left them yesterday. It did make me question how much attention is being paid to this pool, especially since there was also a pair of socks left behind.

There were two facilities in the pool area: the pool itself and an wide yet shallow hot tub. Not unimportant, I spotted a single security camera mounted high at one of the walls, it’s strategic position allowed it to monitor everything. I was pondering for a split second to head back to my room, but quickly a mischievous smile grew on my face and my mind had figured out a few ways to make the best out of this.

I went to the male locker room, left the door wide open just as I had found it and stripped bare butt. If anyone would walk by in the corridor, male or female, they would have an full view of me. I walked to the shower and fired one up, but the only thing I got was minutes long freezing water. Whatever boiler was suppose to heat it seemed to have been turned off. More and more it felt like I was actually at the pool before openings hour. “Lets skip the shower then”, I thought. I stood there for a moment in front of my things with a grin that suddenly grew wider. I simply was not gonna put on that damn swimsuit!

Stark naked I grabbed my things and casually walked into the pool area. If indeed the pool wasn’t officially open yet then I was going to have a little bit of skinny dipping fun. For some reason I didn’t gave a damn about that the security camera and the fact that who ever was at the other end would see it all. I dropped my stuff on one of the chairs nearby and waded through the shallow water of the hot tub. The water was extremely hot but it felt amazing. I paused for a moment though, because my more cautious part of my brain did tell me that it might be a good idea to take your swimsuit with you in the tub. After all you never know when someone pops up unexpected and you would be trapped butt naked in that hot tub. My more bolder part of my brain did consider ignoring it, but the more sane part of my brain did win the argument.

I sat around in the hot tub for roughly ten to fifteen minutes and many times I had closed my eyes for a moment of rest and relaxation, and at some given point when my eyes were open I looked right up at the glass ceiling. Right, the glass ceiling! Because it was dark outside it had gone unnoticed by me! No sunset to be seen yet, and I suddenly realized that there were already a couple of rooms alight from the hotel wings arcing around the swimming pool. Giving the fact that I could easily look into their room, it made me realize that if any person would look down from their window, they as well could just look inside the pool. And see me!

Now this suddenly kicked my fancy into overdrive for what otherwise I felt like a rather uninteresting dare. I grinned and figured it was time to step up my game. I stood up from the hot tub and waded to the side, not too fast, because the plan was that any motion that could be seen by the other guests would result in a higher chance of drawing their attention. I didn’t stop there. I left the hot tub and strolled over to the metal ladder of the swimming pool. The water felt freezing at my feet—especially after spending about twenty minutes in the hot tub—so I climbed down slowly step by step until I at last step I would submerge myself. The cold hit hard and shot adrenaline through my veins.

I was still holding my swimsuit in my hand as I was breast stroking in circles around the pool. Each time I passed the far end I would pass the entrance to the pool, a portal that looked straight into the corridor of that floor. So each time I was passing by this part I knew that if that moment someone would enter the corridor they would see my skinny dipping self instantly. My body felt on fire out of excitement. Not only did I have the potential spectator looking down from their room, and the security camera that could possibly be monitored by whatever person was in charge of it, now there was also a 3rd layer of getting caught if a very unexpected visitor would enter.

I was swimming circle after circle for something that felt like 5 or 10 minutes before I suddenly heard a door open. Someone had just entered the corridor and had made its way to the locker room. My adrenaline had jump started me in getting into my swimsuit as fast as possible. Spastic like a fish would be on dry land I was wrestling myself in my swimsuit while peddling in the water. The suit was finally on and I waded a bit into the water, waiting. But when the person left the men’s locker room again he strangely enough didn’t entered the pool area. His sound disappeared again. At this point I figured it was perhaps a concierge. I waited some more and then decided to slip off my swimsuit again and continue my swim. A bit later I heard the door again! This time footsteps were heading my way! Again, I startled and rushed into my swimsuit, right as the head of young Chinese staff member poked his head inside the pool area. He must have noticed something was off—my swimsuit, haha—since he didn’t say anything right away and only after what felt like a dozen of heartbeats later he said a friendly “good morning” and left the pool area again with just that.

As soon as he was gone I began laughing because of the rush I just got. It occurred to me that it was rather strange that he just entered the pool area to say “good morning”, he didn’t drop anything off, pick anything up, or changed anything for that matter. It felt like he was just “inspecting” something. Which very much could be the case, because I would be pretty sure that by now someone at the other end of the security would have spotted me.

I continued my swim with suit on for a minute or so but decided I would slip it off again. For the rest of the time I spend it at the pool either swimming or relaxing in the hot tub without my suit on. Yes, I enjoyed alternating between it, getting in and out of the water each time hoping more hotel guests in the rooms above would see me through their window. And all that time down there went without visitors or incidents. After thirty more minutes it was time to go back to my room.

Now, there is one thing that I had not mentioned before. There were the mirrors that shared a wall with the entrance to the pool area. Which was also where I left my things on the chair. When I got out of the tub and went to get my bathrobe I noticed my own reflection in the mirror. I had put on my robe and was about to leave when something odd struck me. The mirror wasn’t 100% reflective, more like 80% or so and a bit more dull. It hit me suddenly, I was staring at a mirrored window! I was trying to focus my sight to what could be laying beyond the window. At the other side I saw the vague silhouettes of a gym room, it’s many devices and a guy on one of the cross trainers!

I felt completely stupid! Embarrassment had hit me in the face like a wet towel, leaving it all red. How much have they seen? How long have they seen it? Was this the guy I had presumed to be the concierge? It mattered not, I had hurried back to my room, but once there I could quickly laugh about it. I relished the idea of how this had unfolded.

Now regretfully this is where this series concludes. Even though my travels brought me to some other hotels and to the US, neither of them had offered me any opportunities to show off, or an opportunity but without spectators. My last hotel had put me in a room on the 32nd floor with huge windows on two sides of the room. A perfect opportunity to strip down each night and stand at the grand windows spectating over city with all its skyscrapers nearby. Skyscrapers that featured so many windows, each depicting their owners habitat and many had left their windows wide open as well. If only someone had looked outside just as I did.

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