Barnsley – Fifth Visit


My day had started with my alarm clock going off at 6:15 AM, my usual time where I would get up whenever I was visiting Barnsley. My usual routine would start with a swim at the spa next-door, followed by the hotel’s breakfast buffet and then business meetings till late in the evening. Today was going to be different. It was my last full day here before flying back and only my afternoon was scheduled in with meetings. I decided I would flip around my routine a little bit and see if I could take advantage of this unique situation.

I decided to go to the spa only after I had breakfast, roughly around 9 AM. My reasoning told me that this way I could increase my chance on a getting a different audience to pull off one of my shenanigans at. My repeated visits in the past had taught me that in the morning mostly people visited that wanted a quick workout before heading to work, pretty much like myself. Hitting the later time table would assure that my audience would exist out more of the leisure seeking audience.

The revolving doors brought me to the counter of the spa where the lady greeted me with a surprised look:
“well hello, aren’t you much later than usual?” she said.
“Yes, I’ve got the morning off today, gives me enough time to relax and have fun.”
“Good to hear that, luv,” she said while handing over my bracelet to the lockers.
Once in the men locker rooms I saw there were several senior men in various states of undress. This probably meant that an equal amount of senior women would be around. My assumptions were proven correct once I entered the pool site and perhaps I could make that work to my advantage. I hung around in the whirlpool, did a couple of lanes, waiting till I could see a good opportune moment to try one of my shows I had done before. However more than a half hour had passed as not a single situation had presented it self for the grabbing. I decided to go to the relaxation room.

Total unexpected I found a woman in there enjoying some relaxation on the heated surface of the infrastructure.
“Oh good morning!” she greeted me in an exceptionally friendly manner.
“Fine morning to you as well,” I replied to the woman that appeared to be in her late forties. She was a bit on the heavy side, but that mattered not as she featured a rather accentuated bust within a polka-dot bathing suit. She had hair died in a wine red tone but most of all, her eyes sparkled joy. I turned to close the door very gently and make sure it was closed properly.
“You really feel the chill whenever the door opens,” she casually states as I turned to face her again. I had noticed her eyes were quite fixated on me.
“I’m sure of that,” I said and took place next to her. “It’s good that the plate is as warm as it is.”
“Yes, warm and snug, just as I like it.” she replied and closed her eyes. As the conversation had ended I took a moment to take notice how well shaped her bust actually was and that she had fair skin as well.

Time passed as nothing was said or done, where it seemed she was indeed deeply relaxing on the heated plate. I as well could enjoy the peace and quietness as no one else joined for the rest of the time. She got up after a good twenty minutes, greeted me kindly and left. However as she was walking away I saw her eyes linger at direction of the sauna facility next to it. Suddenly my mind sensed a potential opportunity there. I counted down a minute or more and then left the relaxation room as well. As I passed by the sauna I noticed the woman sit in it and without company. She smiled at me. I returned it.

I walked over to the showers to rinse off, then collected my towel and headed back to the sauna. As I entered she smiled once more from where she sat on that lowest bench across the door.
“Hello again,” I said, “do you mind if I join you once more?” I politely asked.
“Not at all!” she said and suddenly a certain blush appeared at her cheeks. Now I will say that inside a sauna she might just be flushed by the temperature, it’s hard to tell. But if she wasn’t blushing yet, I figured my next question would.
“And would you mind if sit in just my towel?” I had quickly followed up on my previous question. I don’t know what kind of answer or reaction I expected since I had never put this show in action yet. My question came out very casual and smooth, better than I had prepare this situation in my mind actually.
“Oh, I don’t mind at all,” she replied so quick that not a single heart beat could have gotten in between her answer and my question. I will admit that I was quite surprised by her positive answer.
“Thank you,” I said and immediately followed through by placing my towel ready at the bench behind me. My thumbs hooked around the top of my swim short and with a gentle tug I let it drop to the floor. There I stood, butt naked and acting as casual as possible. Yet in truth my heart was beating fiercely. The woman, red on the cheek, had turned her head politely, yet only slightly so that she would just look past me. But her body language betrayed that this was more an action of etiquette where one would give the privacy one requires in a situation like this. I did not dare to break it to her though that a gesture as such is completely wasted on me. After wrapping my towel around my waist I went to sit on the top level bench of the small cabin.
“I might have gotten a rash other wise.” I explained as I didn’t want to have that awkward silence slip into the cabin, “Highly uncomfortable if you still need to do a meeting this afternoon.”
“Oh!” she confirmed and turned her head back to me, cheeks still red and there was a smile of slight amusement on her face, “we wouldn’t that.”

That line was suddenly enough to break the ice and get a very pleasant conversation started where I would just sit there in my towel talking to one of the kindest women I’d ever found in this establishment.
We managed to talk a full fifteen minutes about the spa’s facilities, jobs and whereabouts while now and then I had noticed her eyes shooting a glance as fast as lightning between the opening in my towel that could’ve possibility showed a bit more than I intended. I took it as a bonus on top of something that happened spontaneous and didn’t have much planning or practice in advance. She left the sauna saying she would “cool off” a little bit and given the time this had split our roads.

Looking back at it afterwards, I already got some upgrades formulated for whenever I get an opportunity like this again.

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