Barnsley – Second Visit


A few months later I was back at Barsney for a bit longer this time. At the first day of my stay the business meeting was over somewhere in the afternoon, and I got back to the hotel around 4PM. I was gonna meet up with the business partner for dinner around 7PM so that left me with more or less 3 hours to kill. I was gonna go see what the spa and health resort next door was going to be like.

During my hotel check-in the lady at the front desk had informed me that the spa resort was included in my stay, so that means no extra charge and I should report at the reception when I decided to go since they would give me the required towels. Now this kinda thing hints at opportunities for some reason, but given the fact that I actually had to go about 50 meters over an asphalt parking lot I decided I would just play this one out normally.

So still dressed in today’s clothing I made my way to the spa with the hotel towels in hand. The lady at the counter greeted me with a wide smile as I set foot inside the lobby, I had not to say two words as she instantly recognized me as a hotel guest. Before I had even reached the counter she had taken already a key for my locker.

“Good afternoon, love!” she greeted me cheeky as she handed over my key and made me go through a few formalities as a token of check-in. After which she then inquired if it was my first time here. It was, so she insisted she would walk with me for a moment and show the locker rooms.

“You are dutch, right?” she asked out of the blue, “I recognise the accent by which you talk english.” I laughed and asked if my accent is that horrible. She smiled and assured me it wasn’t, she explained she had family living in holland and she visits them quite often. I nodded in awknowledgment and then quickly added that I’m from the dutch speaking part of Belgium, and not the Netherlands. In the meantime we had halted at the locker room and she pointed at the door leading to the mens room.

I thanked her and with a smile I asked her if I was allowed to enjoy the sauna naked. I pretty much knew what her answer was going to be since I was already acquainted with Britain’s attitude regarding nudity in sauna’s.

She laughed out loud for a moment, “I’m well aware of how you guys do it over there, but at this side of the pond you keep your swimming trunks on.”
Her answer did leave me warned, by which I kinda wasted the opportunity to play dumb and act as if I didn’t know the regulations around here. She had clearly stated them after I had asked. I figured I might just as well use this visit as reconnaissance.

The pool was nothing out the ordinary, but all it’s fascilities were in proper order. The men’s locker room was in fine shape, showers were in separate cubicles from which occasionally a man came out wrapped in a towel. Once changed, I went to the pool area. There were a couple of old people swimming lanes, and around the pool I saw a couple of teenage boys hanging out on the benches placed around it. Next to the pool there were two whirlpools which both were occupied. One by two ladies who were chatting about their daily business and gossip, while the other pool had a big guy sitting in it. Neither I felt like disturbing, so I just went to do a couple of laps in the pool.

The laps in the pool weren’t too exciting, mainly because of the swim pace of the elderly folks in there. It didn’t took long before I grew bored with it and then my brain started to work its grey muscle to find a way to have a little bit of fun after all. First of all I looked around while I was swimming to where the security cameras were placed. There were two, each in a corner opposite to each other. Both presumably covered everything of the pool area given that they would be equipped with wide lenses. There were two exceptions though: the two communal showers didn’t seem to be covered since those were behind a wall made out of glass cells, half of the sauna room despite it having a glass door and the inside of the steamrooms obviously. In other words there weren’t that many options. Or was there?

Now, in the meantime the whirlpools had become available so I decided to switch from doing laps to enjoying some bubbles. It would give me the time to figure out if there would be an opportunity for a show.

I wasn’t in the tub for a long time when I saw a mother enter the pool area with her 14-year-old son. The son was pretty let out and dove immediately in the swimming pool while the mother was casually looking around as if she was still making up her mind. She decided to come and sit in the whirlpool I was currently in. Strange, since the otherone was free as well…
“Do you mind me disturbing your peace?” she said on a tone filled with jest.
“Not at all,” I replied, “I don’t mind some company.”
“Good,” she said and smiled while she was by now knee-deep in the tub.
The mother seemed at the end of her forties, if I would guess as her hair was greying out and she clearly did not bother dyeing it. Posture wise she seems quite overweight as well although I couldn’t help but noticed that she must have greatly lost some weight on a short-term since her bathing suit hung way too loose on her body. So whatever her weight was before, she had done a great job loosing some of it. She sat down in the turbulence of all the bubbles and looked at me,

“I haven’t seen your face around here before,” she said after a moment of inspection. The conversation immediately rolled into what I was doing in Barnsley, where I was from and eventually the point I explained a bit of the job I do and the reasons why I have recurring business trips to this corner of the UK.
As the conversation started to shift over to her the bubbles suddenly stopped. A normal thing since these whirlpools work on a timer. Yet I was immediately caught by surprise by the whirlpools effect on my conversation partner.

Well not necessarily on her herself, but more on what she was wearing. Her bathing suit had been transformed into an inflatable buoy by the air that got pumped through the water. Some of that air had got caught within her bathing suit, rendering it into a huge floatation device. If it wasn’t clear yet, now you could tell how much the suit had become too big for her. She and I laughed out loud as she realised this as well.

“Better check yourself too,” she said as she hinted towards my swim suit. It had become just inflated as her suit, yet of significant smaller volume. I laughed and hooked my thumbs around the edges and pulled it open. All the air escaped at once. I noticed my conversation partner had her eyes on the escaping bubbles and as I had kept my suit open for a second longer than needed probably the package inside as well.

As the woman was still laughing she pinched the suit between index and thumb and pulled it in such a way the cup part would open up at the top and let out all the air as well. Big bubbles escaped and now cleared an otherwise obstructed view deep within her cleavage. My eyes inadvertently got caught and glued to this little happening too, even if it was only a few seconds and then gone again. But the woman had noticed I had been looking. It did not stop her. She now dug her hand in her suit, lifted up one of her large breasts and readjusted it within the loose fabric of her suit. Her nipple showed, and she knew it I think, and more so must have done so deliberately since she took her time to do so. A repeat came for her other breast.

It rendered me speechless, not knowing how to react to this. Her son then called out and the woman excused herself and left the whirlpool. Had I just been on the receiving end of what I consider my type of shenanigans?

I left the whirlpool too now and I figured I’d go and enjoy the sauna. It was just me in there when I entered, the whole cabin to myself. The longest side of the L shaped benches allowed for a view through the glass door and spectate the swimming pool. The shortest side of the L was more or less hidden out of sight. I decided to sit down closest to the door so I would have something to look at.

Not that much later the woman entered the sauna as well. She smiled and greeted me, her son was by her side this time. We didn’t talk that much, at least not to the point her son gave up and left the sauna again. For a moment it was silent and then we resumed some banter about trivial things. Fifteen minutes passed and my body told me it was time to get out.

I went straight to the showers to rinse myself off. My hands were rubbing over my skin to make sure I was properly rinsed as I saw the door of the sauna open up from the corners of eyes. That could be no other than the woman leaving the sauna as well. Protocol dictates that she will most likely come to these showers as well. I pretended I had not seen her leave yet and brought my face underneath the stream of water with closed eyes. I washed water over my head and hair and let it run all over me. I heard her footsteps approach and kept acting unaware as I was still facing the shower installation; I had the water splash on my chest now. I grew bolder and I suddenly knew an opportunity had presented itself.

My hands slipped down and found the edge of my swimsuit I carefully slipped one hand underneath it and made a few brush and rub motions in an attempt to clean my underlying skin, of course this was not that easy to pull off and might look rather weird and silly to a bystander. That was exactly what it should look like.

Her steps had gotten closer and were now as good as at the shower next to me. I did my best not to shake nervously or to look up for all that mattered. With my free hand I now pulled the front edge of my suit forward and slightly down, bearing all of its payload in the front to the open air and the water cascading down from my chest. My other hand went on and washed everything with the clean water. The woman stopped next to me and turned on the shower. I startled a bit—even though I was aware that she was gonna be there any second— it send a slight pulse through my body, a shock of adrenaline.

I let my suit snap back to its place while I looked up. I could honestly not remember or imagine what my face must have looked like. But whatever it was it must have been amusing as the woman was laughing. We exchanged a few looks but actually didn’t comment on my little show, even though I was dying to know what would be going through her mind that moment.

I went for a swim, to get the adrenaline out of my system, but minutes after I had dived in the clock had struck 6PM and that signalled the start of an aquagym session. The woman joined the gym session, together with many other women. Strangely enough not a single man was in the troop, perhaps for the same reason as I, I felt I had run away to the locker room and get dressed. I’m sure the bad taste of loud music had parts in it.

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