A New Decade


I’m wishing you all a happy new decade! Time flies and it seems not so long ago where we greeted 2010. But at the same time a lot has happened in 10 years. I hope that you all have pleasant memories to look back upon and even though everybody is having ups and downs, it is important to keep looking at all the positive things.

I’m often find myself wishing for more time to do the things that make me smile. And I’ve learned that taking enjoyment in small things will enable you to squeeze in more of those in your precious spare time. I’m sure if you’re following this page that you already know what some of these enjoyable moments are for myself. And I certainly will share the really memorable ones with all of you.

So to celebrate the new year, I’ve finished my last part of the Ryokan series! I hope you enjoy the final piece!

Ryokan Hospitality – Part 5

Finishing up the Ryokan collection


Today I’ve published the fourth part in the Ryokan collection, and I’ve finished also the fifth and final part of it. You can expect this one to be published as soon as I have reviewed it after it’s been sitting here a while.

I’ve been taking my time with these two as the fourth one was one I had struggles making it sound interesting. Often an experience can be exciting to go through, but once you start writing or talking about it you realize it is sometimes nearly not as exciting to a second person. Not being an experienced writer, I will admit it take a lot of trying to find that story pace that can make something sound like fun. Or you simply get stuck… like I did on this piece.

That I aside, I hope you all will enjoy the latest and final pieces in this collection.

Ryokan Hospitality – Part 4

Happy New Year


For most of my western readers this would be a very belated Happy New Year! But for my Chinese friends this would be right on time since in a couple of days they would have their New Year celebrations!

I’ve taken some time this weekend to review one of my stories that got stuck in my drafts: Ryokan Hospitality – Part 3

I’m lacking a bit on energy lately to finish all the stories I’d still like to tell so I’m again not uploading as much as I would like, or maybe as much as you would like.

In any case I hope you will all enjoy this part.

Ryokan Hospitality


Dear reader,

I realize that it’s been a while since I last post a story. Time has just not been on my side. Now to make it up to you I decided to share the first story in a series of experiences during my trip through Japan about 5 years ago.

Personally I found these stories one of my most memorable stories I have to share, mainly because of how unlikely these seem to happen in our western culture. It is one of those moments where you see and feel that there remains much to be said and thought about how western society has alienated itself from the concept of nudity.

Added on top of that I’ve read blogs on the internet of people visiting Japan that I did not find stroking with what I experienced. So at the same time I will hope to break away from recurring stereotypes about an isolated and xenophobe Japan.

The entire series will be collected in the section Collection 3